Available are ash, oak , pine , spruce , alder firewood also many other species.
We offer wholesale bulk and bundles with pickup or local delivery. Can be shipped anywhere in the
world as well. Our kiln dried firewood is perfect for:

Convenience Stores
Grocery Stores
State Parks/Campgrounds
Hardware Stores
Home Improvement Stores

Kiln dry firewood

Our A certified kiln dried firewood is the best wood on the market.
We use a specialized firewood kiln that monitors and cooks the wood to temperatures of 265 degrees.
The moisture content of the firewood is then reduced making it ready to burn immediately with no seasoning
needed. Our kiln dried firewood is the most efficient, clean burning wood available on the market.
All of our Kiln dried firewood is stored indoors.
We recommend you store the kiln dried firewood indoors upon delivery.

Lights Instantly
Bug & Disease free
Emerald Ash Bore Free
Less Smoke
Less Creosote
Burns Hotter
Can Be Transported to Anywhere
Safe For Your Chimney

Air Dry firewood
It is not fully seasoned, so we recommend buying it several months in advance to allow it to dry before
you plan to burn it. Green firewood usually costs less and is usually more available than seasoned.
If you stock up ahead of time, you can be assured that it will be seasoned because you seasoned it yourself.
We keep several hundred tons on hand for easy delivery or pickup.

Boiler firewood

Our boiler wood is kept in stock most times. All Mixed hardwood that is split large and cut 18”-20” long
We also do custom cut orders.


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Wood-based material that is collected and used as fuel is called firewood. Generally, it is a highly unprocessed, recognizable trunk or branch format. This is a renewable resource and the demand for this fuel can exceed the renewable capacity at the local and regional levels. Through good forestry practices and improvements in the equipment and techniques they use, you improve your local timber supply. It has been used by people for a long time.

Types of firewood

Firewood is dry and may be seasoned or unseasoned. It can also be divided into hardwoods and softwoods. Harvesting and collection vary from region to region. Some areas have dedicated collection areas, while others can integrate firewood collection into the plot preparation cycle for cultivation. Made from slow-growing trees such as


Oak, beech, ash, cherry, maple, chestnut, olive, and elm fall under this category. The wood burns slowly and provides high healing properties. This wood is ideal for long-lasting fires and burning with a clear, continuous flame.


Derived from coniferous trees such as fir, sugi, birch, and alder. It ignites quickly and can be used to ignite or reignite. Resin wood such as fir and pine contains resin that produces smoke and blackens the chimney and glazing of wood stoves and is recommended to be avoided.

How to use wood for fire

To light a fire with wood, a start-up by using smaller pieces of dry wood. These are easy to light up and later on serve as a base on which larger pieces of wood can be added. Use large firewood to slow down burning when the heat required is low or to keep the fire on all night. In general, the more the wood is put into a burning fire, the larger the flame and heat produced.

Note that, the lower the moisture content, the higher the energy efficiency. Excellent heating performance and energy efficiency are closely related to the moisture content of firewood.

Uses of firewood

Wood is a natural and sustainable fuel for a home fire. The wood stove provides a natural way for a person to warm a home by burning split logs. However, many people do not use it because of the extra work, space, and risk associated with the oven.

Heating: is the primary function of firewood in Europe and America. People in these regions install chimneys in a corner in their living rooms for cold seasons, especially winter. To generate heat and warm up the house, wood logs can be burnt in chimneys at any time of the day. An option which is equally efficient for this purpose is wood pellets.

Besides being used indoors for heating, wood is the most used source of heating during outdoor activities like camping. Campers usually gather dried fallen branches of trees during the day for burning when the temperature falls at night.

Cooking: wood is a historical fire source for cooking that has been passed down from generation to generation. In the days of the old, most ovens and cooking places were fueled by burning wood. Today, numerous countries especially in Africa and Asia still use firewood as a primary source of heat for cooking.

Benefits of using firewood

Availability: wood fuel is readily available in the form of firewood or wood waste.
Low cost: wood fuel is cheaper, especially when compared to fossil fuels. Also, unlike other fossil fuel alternatives, it does not require a large initial investment.

Eco-friendly: as mentioned earlier, wood fuel is sourced from sustainably managed forests and does not harm the environment if appropriate techniques such as efficient wood stoves are used.
The same trees harvested for firewood provide a habitat for wildlife and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as they grow.

Additionally, burning firewood emits carbon dioxide, but the amount of carbon emitted is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed during the growth of the tree. Thus, the total carbon emissions related to the growth of trees and the burning of wood are zero.

Sustainability: firewood is a sustainable energy source as every fallen tree can be replaced by planting.

Why buy wood from us?

When Buying Wood for Cooking from our store, clients have the guarantee that the firewood sold is very low in moisture content. Being the Best Firewood Suppliers Sales, we make sure our wood is dried for 2-3 years to obtain a moisture content of at most.

To ensure a remarkable client experience, we offer home delivery in a short period in many locations around the globe.


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