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Douglas fir wood for sale, in general, is one of the most important and valuable timber species in western North America. If you are looking for where to buy douglas fir wood online, then know it is equally popular in other temperate forest regions where it has been successfully introduced. And are top suppliers of douglas fir wood at a very good price. The most popular type is the coast douglas fir wood.

It is a medium to large (about 100 m high) evergreen conifer, and when mature, it has a moderately dense conical crown with long branches. Douglas fir has deeply grooved dark reddish-brown bark with irregular and wide ridges.

Douglas Fir Wood Specifications

Species: Douglas Fir
Scientific Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii

Common Uses:

Veneer, plywood, and structural/construction lumber.

Standards that are supported:

  • A grade- 4 sides clear – is the highest class quality. The timber is clean, and flawless (without knots and/or hearts).
  • AB grade – 4 sides clear – on one side of the piece of timber found traces of heart-healthy and/or a healthy node.
  • BC grade – 3 sides clear – allowed red heart, knots, bends, and small cracks.


  •     0.30 to 0.95 m timber sub-short
  •     1.00 to 1.70 m short timber
  •     1.80 to 2.00 m long timber
  •     2.10 to 3.00 m long super-timber

Drying: KD, KD 10-14%

Uses of Douglas fir wood for sale

Wood with a fine ring pattern is softer and easier to handle than wood with a wide ring.

  • For outdoor use, a non-ferrous metal is recommended for constructive connections to prevent discoloration of the wood.
  • For surface finishing, it is necessary to take into account the relatively high resin content of wood by selecting the appropriate paint or selecting a wood with high resin content.
  • The population of these trees is stable and many people are familiar with the Douglas fir because it is one of several species used as a Christmas tree. Contact us to buy douglas fir wood for sale at a small cost to make your home beautiful for Christmas.
  • Apart from its use as a Christmas decoration, Douglas-firs is one of the country’s most valuable timber resources. They are used, among other things, for furniture, poles, fences, and floors.
  • Also, it is used for doors, door frames, window frames, beds, large and small tables, and Almira. This wood does not contain toxic chemicals. For example, wood is used to make vegetable chopping boards and kitchen platforms.
  • Douglas-firs wood is a durable type of wood. Make it easy to use this wood for centuries-old floors. It holds wood polish, paint, and glue well.
  • Sandpaper and polish give it a rich wood look. Make this tree usable for interior wooden walls and wood art.
  • Fir wood pieces are also quite strong. This makes it quite usable in woodworking products. Chair rails, appliqués, wooden crown moldings, and wooden ceiling medallions.
  • Douglas fir wood will last a long time after being exposed to water. As a result, this wood has long been used in boat building, bridge parts, and harbors.
  • Due to its strength, Douglas fir is mainly used in architecture and construction. This tree has long been protected from the elements. It is the perfect wood for the façade and roof of the house.
  • Finally, Since plywood is an important building material and has the strength of wood, Douglas-firs wood is widely used in the production of plywood.
  • The wood is used on large construction sites alongside paid sports. This is because screws and nails make a strong base for the handle and thus, it is very useful during construction.
douglas fir used as christmas tree

douglas fir used as Christmas tree

Although Douglas-firs are widely harvested for timber, they are widespread and not endangered. However, when trees are cut down, rare wildlife species such as howling owls in the north lose valuable habitat.

Types of Douglas fir wood for sale from top suppliers

The two Douglas fir varieties are differentiated easily due to their contrasting habitats. Rocky

Mountain Douglas Fir Wood

rock mountain douglas fir wood for sale

Mountain Douglas Sugi is an inland species that grows in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains of the mountainous region.

Coast Douglas Fir Wood

coast douglas fir wood suppliers

Coast Douglas fir on its part is the warm-climate type that easily grows in the humid and mild West Coast climate.

Advantages of using the douglas fir wood

Among all softwood varieties, Douglas fir is known to be the most robust which exceeds that of pine wood. It is convenient for use both indoors and outdoors. The wood can easily be refinished and stained to optimize its properties and use. a few benefits of choosing this wood over others include;


Despite the name “Douglas-firs”, this tree belongs to the Hemlock family. When properly dried, hemlock provides a very durable wood that is resistant to cracking and twisting. It maintains a smooth texture and stability, even when exposed to constant heat and humidity.


Unlike most hemlock lumber, Douglas fir has a very uniform appearance. Straight grains and overall orange shades created from a mix of creamy yellow and Auburn can give both a rustic look and a particularly modern look. Due to the unusually high tree height, Douglas fir wood and Uses is especially popular with builders who need long planks to build frames and exposed beams. The rustic taste of wood is also ideal for flooring, exterior siding, and interior panels.

Why buy from us?

Available for Purchase at Low Cost, our Douglas fir wood is produced using milling machines and sharp tools to prevent chipping and tearing. We avoid stability issues by using dried kiln lumber constantly to ensure excellent results on client projects. The coast douglas fir wood remains amongst the top sellers in the market and we guarantee to act as your best supplier of the douglas fir wood for sale.


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