WOOD SHAVINGS For Animal Bedding

We could supply various kinds of sawdust and shaving such as pine, rubber, acacia, mixed pine, and rubber with a large volume of long-term stability, and competitive price.

Our sawdust and shaving could be used as material for animal bedding, fertilizer/ compost making, and mushroom cultivation.

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Buy Best quality wood shavings for animal beddings and Cooking

We have the best quality wood shavings for sale to use as bedding for your, dogs, horses, goats, cows, cats, pigs, and other animals. Wood shavings are the best form of animal bedding. We are amongst the most trusted chicken wood shavings suppliers. We sell wood shavings from pine wood chips and other soft wood suitable to serve as a sleeping place for any animal. You get Chicken Wood shaving supply from our industry at a good rate. Our wood shavings are also suitable for cooking. It makes cooking very cheap and fast. You can always trust us to buy wood shavings for animal bedding from us. Chicken Wood shaving suppliers. You are going to understand the Benefits of using wood shavings as animal bedding.

We supply wood shavings to several countries around the world;

We could supply various kinds of sawdust and shaving such as pine, rubber, and acacia, mixed pine and rubber with a large volume of long-term stability, and competitive price.

Our sawdust and shaving could be used as material for animal bedding, fertilizer/ compost making, and mushroom cultivation. Buy wood shavings for animal bedding from top-quality suppliers.

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What Is Wood Shavings?

Wood shavings are the waste resulting from the shaping of wood manually or mechanically. These shavings do not have a fixed size or shape but can be customized to create different sizes. They are soft and easy made to pile into huge heaps. Buy the Best Quality Wood Shavings For Animals and Cooking from our milling industry and enjoy their benefits.


Pine wood is one of the favorites when it comes to quality wood shavings for animal bedding and mattresses. Below is a detailed specification for pine wood shavings you can buy.

Chicken Wood shaving suppliers.

We also supply wood shavings from different types of wood.

Product Name: Wood Shavings for Animal Bedding
Material: 100% Clean Grade Pine Wood
Colour: White
Dust: 2% max
Texture: Soft
Size: 3mm to 12mm(Also depends on buyers)
Moisture: Max 10 %
Foreign matters: 0.01%
Constant quality
All-natural softwood
Maximum absorption
100% biodegradable
Minimal dust
Easy to clean
Water-resistant plastic bag
Different sizes of wood shavings
Kiln dried to kill harmful bacteria
Reduction of respiratory diseases and allergies
No staples that can cause injuries
Packing:Compress in Block of 20kg-25kg(35x 55x30cm/80x40x40cm) or in jumbo bag of 600kg-1000k

Uses of wood shavings

Every woodworker who does any amount of woodwork eventually has to deal with what to do with all the accumulated sawdust and shavings. For many years now, we have been converting these shavings into very useful by-products in the following domains; You can buy the best quality of any of these wood shavings products from us at low cost. We remain a top chicken Wood shaving supplier.

Wood Shaving For Mulch

Shredded materials such as wood shavings from wood conifers like pine and larch make high-quality mulch. The reason is that shavings decompose slowly making them long-lived, reducing the need for re-use, and saving you time and money. When used as mulch shavings, they moderate soil conditions by absorbing moisture and gently releasing it back. They make a brilliant protective layer from erosion, capping, and compaction by the elements and help to suppress weeds.

Rather than sending them to the landfill, shavings can be reused to mulch around the base of trees, in gardens, and on lawns. Different types of wood produce different types of waste, from dense sawdust to fluffy shavings from hand planers. Experiment with these different materials to find out what works best for your specific coverage needs. If you have a blower, endeavor to keep two separate bags for different types of waste.

Wood Shavings For Animal bedding For Sale

Wood waste is a good choice for animal bedding because it is a soft, absorbent, and non-toxic floor material for barns. The rug absorbs urine and helps soften the floor for animals’ hooves. It also provides them with a comfortable surface to rest on. When the bedding gets dirty, it can be dumped in the back area and simply composted into the soil. We have countless Benefits from using wood shavings as animal bedding.

Wood shavings for chicken bedding suppliers.

Wood shavings for horse bedding

Wood shavings for kitten bedding

Wood shavings for cat bedding

Pine wood shavings for goat bedding

Wood shaving for pig bedding

Wood shavings for dog bedding

Regarding horse bedding, pine smells wonderfully aromatic, is antibacterial, and has ammonia-reducing properties. While other wood species also have benefits, one which must be completely avoided is black walnut, for it can cause laminitis in horses. Cedar too is not recommended because it does not easily decompose and horses sometimes have skin sensitivity to it.

Wood Shavings For Ice melter

Shavings work well for this application though sawdust is better. Sprinkling sawdust or shavings on icy ground, especially on a sunny day, can cause the ice to melt as the dust absorbs the sun’s heat and acts on the ice. The main inconvenience with using sawdust is that it can get messy in spring when the weather gets warmer and ice melts.

Best Quality Wood Shavings For Animal Bedding For Sale As Cheap Mattress

Although this usage has been put aside due to the bulk production of commercial mattresses, it once was quite common. The shavings produced by hand planes are quite thin and can fill up a lot of space. When stuffed into an oblong cloth bag, the softness of the wood shavings and the cushioning effect, make it an acceptable mattress.

Advantages of using wood shavings

Wood shavings have several advantages when comparing their uses and cost to other products for the same purpose. Buy wood shavings with multiple applications which can even be reusable.

Some major advantages of our quality wood shavings include;

Reuse of materials: the production of wood shavings makes it possible to use wood in a less compact form. Being the waste product from wood shaping, shavings extend the use of wood for purposes such as animal bedding and mulching.

Independence of third parties: the shavings can be produced manually or mechanically by anyone who uses wood shaping processes. This enables producers to reduce the cost of producing wood shavings by more than 50%.

Multiple applications: wood shavings can be used for various applications. This is mainly in livestock where they serve as beddings and in agriculture for soil protection.

High availability of raw material: shavings are easily produced from branches and wood trunks of many types of wood. This implies its raw material is readily available and so is it.

Why buy wood shavings for animal bedding from us

Wood shaving is the by-product resulting from the sawing, sanding, and milling of timber and often looks similar to a curl or peeling of a wood piece surface. Wood shavings offer farmers 100% natural and dust-free horse bedding. These are developed and made specifically to help keep your horse healthy and comfortable in the stable. Buy wood shavings for animal bedding from the best quality suppliers. We have the best quality wood shavings for sale. Buy From top Chicken Wood shavings suppliers.

Our wood shavings for sale are produced from clean, kiln-dried woods to ensure a consistently high-quality bedding product. To keep stables fresher and cleaner for longer periods, the shavings offer excellent levels of absorption. In addition, the shavings are low in moisture content and as they are typically dust. This permits the creation of a healthy environment for all horses in the stable. In line with all our other wood products, the wood shavings are made from wood that has been sourced from sustainable forests and is biodegradable. Buy wood shavings for animal bedding from the best quality chicken wood shavings suppliers.



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