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We have available white and red oak for sale. We supply oak lumber with dimensions as per client demand and kd as per demand by our clients.

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We have top-quality oak wood lumber for sale. This includes both the white oak wood lumber and the red oak wood lumber. We remain among the best suppliers of oak wood lumber you can trust to buy from. If you are ever looking for where to buy oak wood lumber at the best price then consider dealing with us. Our pricing is eye-catching and our delivery is more than excellent.

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Description of oak wood lumber for sale

Oak lumber is a very durable hardwood that has been used for thousands of years. It has a unique wood grain pattern derived from the oak ring. Oak is one of the most popular furniture and flooring woods in the United States.

Commonly found in traditional, craftsman, and mission style furniture, it has been chosen not only by Amish but also by renowned furniture designers like Gustav Stickley. Oak is extremely durable, easy to handle, clean, and looks clean and natural. It is also one of the most efficient woods to burn due to its high BTU content.

The oak comes in a variety of shades, but its grains are very unique, making it one of the more easily recognizable species. It has a long history of use around homes dating back to pre-colonial times and is as popular as it is today. This makes it the mainstay of traditional design, but its versatility also means that it can bring modern works to life.

Buy Oak Wood Lumber By Standards And Grades

We sell white and red oak lumber wood of different standards and dimensions.

Standards and grades that are supported:

Grade A (S4S) – is the primary grade (without knots and/or hearts).
Grade AB (S4S) – on one side of the piece of timber found here we have fewer traces of heart-healthy and/or a healthy node.
Grade BC – allowed red hearts, knots, bends, and small cracks.

0.30 to 0.95 m timber sub-short
1.00 to 1.70 m short timber
1.80 to 2.00 m long timber
2.10 to 3.00 m long super-timber
Drying: KD, KD 10-14%

Types of oak wood for sale

Oak is one of the most common tree species in the Northern Hemisphere. There are hundreds of oak seeds. Some are deciduous (with deciduous leaves) and some are evergreens (which retain green leaves all year round). However, there are mainly two types, white and red.

One of the reasons oaks can have so many different looks is that there is more than one type of oak. More than 60 varieties are cultivated in the United States alone. When it comes to furniture making and other uses around the house, the most common species are red oak and white oak. Both are great options and work well in busy homes because they last a long time.

White oak wood lumber for sale

It usually shows a golden creamy tone. On white oak boards, you may notice that the pores of the fibers are filled with chillene. Because white oak contains tylose, it can be used in water-carrying products such as wine and whiskey barrels. For this reason, too, many exterior applications use white oak. The hardness of white oak is slightly higher than that of red oak with a Janka hardness of 1290.

White oak lumber for sale

Red Oak wood lumber for sale

As its name indicates, this oak wood is red or pinkish. Its cell structure greatly improves resistance to collapse and collapse. As earlier mentioned red oak is less hard than white oak and has a hardness of 1360.

red oak wood lumber for sale

Uses of oak lumber for sale

We don’t just sell for selling sake, we sell because of the countless benefits from this particular wood. The oak wood is special on its own. The major uses and benefits of oak wood lumber include;

Oak wood is used for Furniture and Construction

Oak wood is used in the construction of household furniture such as doors, chairs, tables, furniture, and even floors.

Health Benefits and uses of oak wood as a Natural Medicines

The bark of certain oaks has great medicinal properties that help treat a variety of health conditions. Oak is found in creams and teas because it has the property of healing kidney stones.

White Oak Wood Lumber Is Suitable For Use In Wine Storage

Wine is stored in white oak barrels to enhance flavor and age. Also, oak-made cork is primarily used to close up a variety of wine bottles.

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Advantages of oak lumber for sale due to it properties characteristics

Woodworkers can choose between Red and White Oak Wood for Sale at our online store. Generally, white oak is preferred because of its strength, natural beauty, and variety. Some important benefits are:

Appearance: Oak is very popular because of its attractive appearance. All oak varieties have a beautiful natural light color and a unique grain that intensifies when dyed. When crushed well, the natural surface will be hard and very smooth.

Durability: Due to the high levels of tannins in oak wood, wood can naturally resist insects, mold, and fungi. By avoiding these problems, the tree will be strong and long-lived. In addition, as the oak grows slowly, the ring concentrates tightly and increases the strength of the tree.

Waterproof: A survey of different types or types of wood reveals that some are naturally water-resistant. White oak wood is a perfect example. Closed grains and small pores provide excellent protection against moisture.

Low maintenance: Fortunately, oak wood requires minimal maintenance. With a little simple cleaning and polishing, it will continue to look new. However, if you want to change the color, it can be polished several times and refinished without any problems.

However, it is important to note that all wood needs to be maintained for good looks and longevity, especially when stored outdoors. Therefore, fully understand how to properly care for items that are exposed to external weather factors.

Why buy from us?

Red and White Oak Wood for Sale at our store are beautiful and durable wood that will last decades. In addition to the supply of premium quality wood products like basswood and ash lumber, we assure the delivery of the order to numerous destinations in the world. You can equally get expert advice on which wood suits best your specific project. Contact us if you are looking for where to buy oak wood lumber online.

Oak Wood Lumber Suppliers

We are at the best when it comes to oak wood lumber suppliers in the world. We supply at any quantity and our prices are extremely good. We carryout all the necessary treatments to ensure the wood serves satisfactorily.


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