Meranti is a versatile tropical wood that is relatively easy to use in a variety of home projects. To help you cater properly for your wood products, Meranti wood Information on Treatment and Uses will provide the guidelines you need. However, high demand and loose regulation have led to decades of deforestation. Meranti wood Treatment And Uses Information will guide you in order to properly make decisions on the right ways of managing this lumber. We have treated meranti wood for sale including a user guide.

Meranti wood Treatment And Uses Information

What you need to learn about meranti wood treatment and uses

  • Preservation of meranti wood
  • heat treatment of meranti lumber
  • Uses of meranti timber
  • chemical treatment of meranti wood
  • Meranti wood treatment
  • Meranti wooden doors
  • Meranti wooden rails
  • Meranti wooden panel
  • Meranti wooden joinery.
  • Preservation of meranti furniture.

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Precaution is taken during the processing of meranti wood to ensure maximum preservation

The first step in making meranti wood furniture is to cut down the trees and process them into lumber at the sawmill. This process of sawing is a power-consuming step. The required power and diesel fuel power will vary from one sawmill to another and on the meranti species. In an environmental impact assessment comparing two Malaysian sawmills, processing dark red meranti varieties required more energy and fuel than processing light red meranti varieties. The next step is to dry the timber and turn it into furniture. If the piece of wood can be air-dried to the desired moisture content, no additional energy is required for this step. However, using an oven requires additional energy and can increase CO2 emissions. Again, the drying speed varies depending on the type of meranti.

Many common meranti tree species dry quickly. For example, a quick-drying meranti 25 mm thick slab takes about 6 days to dry in a kiln until the moisture content reaches 50-10%. On the other hand, a 50 mm thick slab takes about 20 days.
When using fossil fuels to power the furnace, contributes to total carbon emissions. However, burning wood waste produces energy that can replace fossil fuels. Fortunately, at least 90% of all the heat energy used to dry kilns in our hardwood sector comes from biomass, not fossil fuels. Meranti wood Treatment And Uses Information

Types of meranti wood treatment and information to buyers and importers

Heat treatment of meranti lumber

Remodeling wood to improve its durability and use can be done at high temperatures for some time and is called heat treatment. Heat treatment is known as an environmentally friendly method for changing the properties of wood because it uses only temperature without the addition of preservatives. Heat-treated wood is exposed to temperatures from 150 ° C to 260 ° C because the change in wood properties is permanent at 150 ° C. Normally, the heat treatment process applies different temperature ranges, and intervals.

The heat treatment temperature usually starts at 180-280 ° C within 15 minutes or more. Research has revealed that heat treatment of meranti wood does not change its properties when low temperatures are applied, even if the treatment lasts longer. Temperatures above 150 ° C on the other hand help to change the physical and chemical properties of wood. The dimensional stability and durability of wood are improved after high-temperature treatment. Since the equilibrium moisture content after heat treatment is low, the movement stability of wood due to shrinkage and swelling decreases. In addition, previous research showed that heat treatment slows the absorption of water.

When it comes to outdoor wooden surfaces, it is always about the treatment of your terrace, garden shed, or fence. These are certainly the most common garden items to be maintained after wind, rain, and sub-zero winters. However, wooden window frames, doors, and pouches should also be checked and processed as needed.
There are two types of external wood treatment. The first is a process that implies the absorption of treatment products and the second provides just a protective layer on the surface of the wood. Meranti wood Treatment And Uses Information.

Penetrative treatment of the meranti wood

Permeable wood treatment is a type whereby the product penetrates the wood and protects it from the inside. These products are primarily oil and wax based. They work by penetrating the particles on the surface of the wood and then drying to create a durable and weatherproof finish. The main advantage of this type of product is that it is very easy to use and maintain. When the finished surface is tired and begins to wear, just apply a new coat. No need to use sandpaper, strip, or remove old finishes. Wood oil is very tolerant of dirt repair. This means that local wear areas are very easy to repair and blend into the surrounding area. Major brands specializing in these types of outdoor wood finishing products include Barrettine, Cuprinol, and Holzol. Meranti wood Treatment And Uses Information.

Exterior treatment of meranti

What used to be the area of ​​painting and exterior wood finishing is now dominated by a variety of renovative wood coating systems. While old paints and varnishes have a reputation for cracking and peeling, modern coating systems are scientifically designed to withstand weather elements.

The modern exterior finish is flexible and durable. In other words, with proper care, there is little need to strip bare wood. This treatment is well-loved for exterior materials such as wooden window frames and doors. Some brands are designed so that topcoats lose color and luster over time. This indicates that the finish requires maintenance.

Surfaces that require attention can be restored in just a few steps. Wipe with alcohol to degrease old paint. Lightly polish the surface to remove dirt and debris from the surface. It also provides the key to a new top coat. After sanding, wipe again with alcohol to remove any traces of sanded dust or grease from your hands or fingertips. Once dry, you can apply a new topcoat to restore the look and maximize the protection of the wood.

Treatment of Meranti wood to protect doors and other furniture against water and UV light

This second method calls for the use of a highly permeable solvent-based oil such as Timberline Ultraseal. This oil does not fade after drying and protects the wood against water and UV rays. This allows the wood to stretch as needed. It is very important that the oil penetrates the wood and protects the garage door from the inside out. The oil absorbed by the wood essentially fills out pores in the wood and leaves little room for water absorption.

Note that vanishes are not ideal for meranti wood furniture and products. Varnish is a surface treatment that cures after drying and prevents the wood from stretching. The varnish will crack the paint and expose the untreated wood to elements such as water and UVs

Uses of meranti wood


A beautiful wooden door graces the entrance to a west coast contemporary home.

One of the biggest uses of meranti wood is its application in the design and construction of wooden doors. When we are talking of a housing building, industrial building, or office, wooden doors are an integral part of every building to make it secure and complete. Meranti wood has the ability to provide security and beautiful looks at the same time due to its special strength and shiningness.

Whether made from solid wood or laminated lumber, many stylish and practical options do not compromise strength and structural performance. Unique wooden doors can give a visual impact and add value to commercial or residential buildings. An attractive choice for door design and construction, meranti wood offers unmatched strength, flexibility, and versatility.

Protected from moisture, wooden doors work well for the life of the building projects. With regular maintenance, meranti lumber is used to carefully design and finish wooden doors that can be used in the harshest outdoor environments. They can also be easily and effectively refurbished or renewed as needed.

As mentioned above, Meranti wood Information on Treatment and Uses can serve as a guide to protecting internal and external wooden doors.


The interior panel is not only a practical means of covering one or more walls and ceilings of a building but it can also be included in the interior design of a room for a dramatic and stylish look. Interior siding is provided with either solid natural wood siding or panels of processed wood products. These provide a durable and reliable surface in areas subject to high impact. These usually function as optics, so there are usually no structural requirements.

As mentioned above, Meranti wood Information on Treatment and Uses can serve as a guide to protect internal and external panels.


meranti wood Joinery

Wood Joinery products add a classic, unique and stylish touch to the interior and exterior design. Products are manufactured for a variety of interior applications such as door and window frames, furniture, skirting boards, moldings, and architrave. Generally, joinery products commonly sold or manufactured range from decorative eaves and stanchions to eye-catching railings.

Rails and balustrades

Rails and balustrades uses of lumber

The variety, beauty, and strength of meranti wood allow you to choose the ideal material for indoor railings and balustrades. Treated meranti wood and durable hardwood are the most popular types of wood and can be rotated to create a variety of unique styles and designs to suit different tastes and decorations.
When used indoors, the railings and balustrades are usually finished according to taste to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Sustainability of meranti wood treatment and uses

We sell meranti wood grown in tropical forests which is highly sustainable due to its large constituent of carbon storage in the system.

However, logging practices are a source of concern due to rampant illegal logging, unsustainable practices, and timber-origin fraud.
Prolonging meranti wood after furniture is used can be done via the conversion of wood waste to useful products. Such waste wood can be transformed into wood shavings and wood pellets which serve other purposes. For primary utilization, meranti wood can be framed into furniture and flooring.

Where to buy meranti wood with the best treatment and uses

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