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We supply beech lumber with dimensions as per client demand
Heat treatment: Steaming light 10-12 hours, uniform color. Drying: KD, KD 10-14% Markings: timber is packed with one length in the bundle and can have markings at customer request.

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Buy Treated Beech wood lumber for sale from us good for carpentry and woodwork

Buy beech wood lumber for sale with added advantages from the number one exporter and importer of timbers. Buying timbers through us comes with a manual, to guide you with further treatment and preservations both as wood, building, and furniture. We sell beech wood in the form of timbers, planks, sawdust, and more. We remain amongst the top suppliers of beech wood timbers, beech wood planks, and beech wood sawdust. In case you are looking to buy, import, or export beech wood lumber by any means, please kindly contact us and an agent will guide you through.

You can contact us to buy the following;

  • Beech wood planks for sale.
  • Beech wood sawdust for sale.
  • Beech wood timbers for sale.
  • Beech wood importation.
  • Beech wood exportation.
  • Buy beech wood plywood
  • Beech wood panels for sale.

Description of beech wood for sale

Beech wood lumber for sale also called beechwood with the scientific name “Fagus grandifolia” is often referred to as a tree with a European to American heritage. This has given rise to the American and European beech wood. It grows easily in all hemispheres, but most commonly in North America. The trees tend to reach 80-100 meters in height and have a distinctive smooth silver-gray bark.
Commonly used in the manufacture of plywood, furniture, and model making. Beech wood lumber is a straight grain of medium hardness. Therefore, this is also a great option for musical instruments and sporting goods.

Special Properties Of The Beech wood timbers we export

Beech lumber can be used for: Lumber, veneer, flooring, boatbuilding, furniture, cabinetry, musical instrument, plywood, and turned objects

Its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities—coupled with its low price—make this hardwood a mainstay for many European woodworkers.

Certain species of timber will contain a small percentage of sap and knots in line with international grading standards.

Standards that are supported:

A grade- 4 sides clear – is the highest class quality. The timber is clean, and flawless (without knots and/or hearts).
AB grade – 4 sides clear – on one side of the piece of timber found traces of heart-healthy and/or a healthy node.
BC grade – 3 sides clear – allowed red heart, knots, bends, and small cracks.

0.30 to 0.95 m timber sub-short
1.00 to 1.70 m short timber
1.80 to 2.00 m long timber
2.10 to 3.00 m long super-timber

We supply beech lumber with dimensions as per client demand
Heat treatment: Steaming light 10-12 hours, uniform color. Drying: KD, KD 10-14% Markings: timber is packed with one length in the bundle and can have markings at customer request.

Uses of beech wood lumber we supply

The uses of the beech wood we sell are enormous. Buying treated beechwood give you the opportunity to realize a lot of items made from wood. We supply only beech wood that meets the highest quality control standard. Our beech wood for sale provides you with the following uses.

  • Musical Instruments.
  • Manufacture of plywood.
  • Furniture.
  • Model Making
  • Sporting goods
  • Firewood
  • Construction
  • Fabrication

Beech wood is ideal for firewood. This is because it is easy to break and burn. It is also used for smoking meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, and cheese.

As a hardwood, beech wood is also used in the manufacture of musical instruments like the body of a drum or guitar. Beech has a tone between maple and birch, both of which are the most popular drum woods.

Beechwood has a pound-force of 1,450 lbf (6,460 N)) according to the Janka scale. Therefore, it is suitable for furniture frame and door construction, flooring, and technical purposes. Beechwood is great for building chalets, homes, and log houses.

Benefits and advantages of using beech wood lumber from quality suppliers

If you will ever decide to buy or import beech wood lumber from us, then you must understand the wonderful benefits that come with it. We don’t just recommend woodworkers to buy the beech wood lumber for fun, we do so base on lots of benefits making it outstanding. Below is a rundown of the most eyecatching benefits of the beech wood lumber we sell and export;

  • Flexibility.
  • Durability.
  • Shock absorption
  • Affordability
  • Easy maintenance.

Major uses of the beech wood lumber includes;

  • Flooring.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Plywoods.
  • Curved furniture.
  • And many more.

Solid beech lumber is used in furniture such as flooring, musical instruments, and plywood. The general benefits of using beech wood in the furniture industry are:

Characteristics features of beech wood lumber sale and corresponding uses or benefits.

Flexibility: Beech wood lumber is commonly used in the production of curved furniture because it is easily malleable. It thus is ideal for almost anything such as chairs, cabinets, floors, spoons, cutting boards, and even goblets. Especially for this factor, beech wood can be processed very well for the industry

Durability: Beech hardwoods belong to the category of “resistant” wood, which is non-porous, dense, and has a strong surface. This means it can withstand more pressure, chips, and gouging than other types of wood.

Shock absorption: The uniform texture of straight grain beech is hard, heavy, and strong, so it provides considerable compressive strength. With this in mind, beech wood is usually suitable for flooring because it can withstand the weight and high impact forces.

Affordability: Beechwood is the same price as other low-priced hardwoods. Not only that, it is often used to imitate expensive wood such as mahogany, maple, walnuts, and cherries.

Easy maintenance: Lightly steamed beech wood is often used to bring out the natural grain, surface finish, and color uniformity of the wood. Due to its durable properties, beech furniture withstands the challenges of time and looks great even after many years of use. To avoid serious cosmetic damage, polishing the edges is sufficient.

Types of beech wood lumber

Beech wood lumber is hard but easy to handle. Can be cut, planned, drilled, and milled. Steamed like ash, it is suitable for bending and shaping. The surface finish is not complicated. It can be dyed, painted, and polished. To compensate for its low durability, it is well suited for impregnation. It mainly has 5 types which are;

American beech wood

European beech lumber for sale

One of the most common types of beech wood lumber we sell is American beech wood. It is the most common beech species. They are found in large park-like landscapes such as long driveways, graveyards, and most forests. They are the perfect shaded trees and make excellent firewood.

Japanese beech wood

buy beech lumber

Buy Japanese beech wood which is endemic to Japan, widespread, and often one of the major trees in Japan’s deciduous forests. It occurs from the Oshima Peninsula in the south of Hokkaido to the Osumi Peninsula in Kyushu. In the northeastern part of Honshu, it grows in large clusters up to 1,400 meters above sea level. In the southwest of that range, it occurs only in mountainous areas and in small isolated populations. It grows on well-drained loamy or sandy soils.

Tricolor beech wood

We export tricolor beech wood which has purple leaves and irregular pink and pinkish-white edges. It is a smaller cultivar than other species. Three-color beech is perfect for small city plots and vestibular statements. Used as a shade, along a driveway, and as a roadside tree. It also serves as an evergreen accent and is planted in trees, giving it an eye-catching color even from a distance. Buy Beech Wood Lumber With Added Advantages and uses

European beech wood

European beech wood for sale

The European beech wood we supply is useful for shaded landscapes and naturalized or wooded gardens. The new leaves look purplish red, turn dark green, and change from yellow to orange-red in the fall, providing a year-round color kaleidoscope.

Copper beech wood

The copper beech wood for sale is often used as hardwood in Europe. It is also commonly found along park paths and golf courses and withstands a wider range of soil than other beech trees giving it a better advantage over the other types of beech wood timbers.

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