Ash lumber


White Ash-Wood Long (TAL), Steam, Square Edge, Kiln-Dry or Air-Dry
Length: 1.80m+
Thickness: 25mm; 38mm; 50mm; 60mm; 70mm; 80mm; 100mm
Width: 100mm+
White Ash-Wood Short (TAS), Steam, Square Edge, Kiln-Dry or Air-Dry
Length: 1.10m+ up to 1.80m
Thickness: 25mm; 38mm; 50mm; 60mm; 70mm; 80mm; 100mm
Width: 100mm+
White -Wood Super-Short (TASS), Steam, Square Edge, only Air-Dry
Length: 0.40mm+ up to 1.10m
Thickness: 25mm; 38mm; 50mm; 60mm; 70mm; 80mm; 100mm
Width: 100mm+

We supply ash lumber with dimensions and specifications as per demanded by our clients

Drying: KD, KD 10-14%

Markings: timber is packed with one length in the bundle and can have markings at customer request.

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Buy Ash lumber for furniture at home and prestigious places. We are suppliers of both white and black ash lumber for sale at extremely good prices. If you are looking for top-quality ash wood lumber for sale then kindly contact me. We carry out the best ash wood treatment before selling and we educate clients on the best appropriate treatment to bring out the best from your ash timber. We have black and white lumber for sale. Buy from top ash  lumber suppliers.

Ash  Lumber For Sale , Description and Advantages

Ash lumber is a light-colored, smooth-grained hardwood that grows on the East Coast and parts of Canada. With its typical straight grains and beige to light brown shades, it is a very attractive option for luxury furniture. It is one of the longest-lasting varieties and has a long history in American furniture manufacturing. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable, lightweight, and absorbs wood stains well.

Due to its lightweight and impact-resistant wood properties, it is popular for baseball bats, tool handles, and restaurant furniture. Today, Ash is a major influence on home furnishings, especially in the modern style of the mid-century.

Fraxinus is the scientific name for ash and it belongs to the family of olive trees. Dozens of species of ash grow naturally in North America. White ash and green ash are the most common types of this wood that grow abundantly in Vermont.

Uses of ash wood

Since ancient times, ash trees have played an important role in people’s lives. In early culture, it was used for everything from weapons to tanks. It was even believed to have spiritual traits and the ability to bring healing and prosperity. Today, ash wood is common in furniture, cabinets, floors, tools, guns, sporting goods, and more.

Interior use: Ash lumber is heavy, and hard and is mainly used for doors, furniture, cabinets, and windows. Its hardness also makes it suitable for floors. It is not easily scratched and is not easily scratched.

Exterior Application: Ash is a versatile wood and can be used indefinitely. Ash wood is resistant to rot and is not waterproof. Still, it was used outside and in the kitchen. This is because the heartwood is not easily putrefactive.

Equipment: In particular, swamp ash wood is used to make wooden musical instruments. Wood resonance is an ideal choice for both electric and acoustic guitar bodies.

Ash lumber is tasteless and odorless and is therefore used to make food containers.  Due to the hardness and strength of ash wood, it is used in the manufacture of sports parts such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, and tool handles. White ash is so easy to cut and bend that it is used to make boxes, crates, and ornaments.

Fuel: Ash is also known as firewood. The water content is low. Therefore, it burns quickly and easily. It can be used to aliment chimneys and campfires. Ash lumber goes well with fish and lean meat making it a source of fuel for cooking too.

White and Black Ash Lumber For Sale By Grades

Even though there might be a wider classification of the ash  lumber, the clear differences can easily be seen between the back and the white ash lumber for sale.

White Ash tends to have a lighter heartwood color and wider spaced growth rings. By contrast, the heartwood color of Black Ash tends to be slightly darker, and the growth rings are typically much closer together.

white Ash lumber for sale

white ash lumber

black Ash lumber for sale

black ash lumber

We supply black and white lumber wood of different grades based on specifications. The prices of white and black ash lumber we sell are very moderate.

Standards(grades) that are supported for black and white ash lumber for sale:

  • Grade A (S4S) – is the primary grade (without knots and/or hearts).
  • Grade AB – on one side of the piece of timber found here we have fewer traces of heart-healthy and/or a healthy node.
  • Grade BC – allowed red heart, knots, bends, and small cracks.

Advantages of using ash lumber we sell

Appearance: Ash lumber usually has a  straight grain and a light brown tint. It is a very attractive and uniform-looking wood.

Workability: Ash is relatively dense and has good processing and finishing properties. Its Janka hardness is medium. Therefore, it holds nails, screws, paint, and polish firmly and is easy to bend in the steaming process.

Versatility: Ash lumber is versatile and most durable in many applications. It is used to make toys, furniture, smoke, and sports parts. However, white ash and black ash are the most commonly used species in furniture making.

Impact resistance: ash wood (white) has a hardness of 1320. This is between the hardness of red and white oak. With sufficient hardness, this is a good option for floor and roof structures. Ash wood floors are durable and impact resistant.

Durability: This is one of the longest-lived strains and has been used in the United States for hundreds of years. If the ash tree is used indoors with little care, it will last for decades.

Affordable / Availability: Ash wood is widely available worldwide. It exists so easily that shipping does not cost extra. Ash wood is cheaper than other hardwoods with the same properties. Ash lumber can be easily covered with chunks.

Easy maintenance: When talking about maintenance, it’s easier to maintain than any other hardwood. If you are installing the ash wood in a dry place, at least maintenance is required.

Best Ash Wood Treatment

As suppliers of top-quality ash lumber, we make sure we follow the best Ash lumber treatment to ensure the wood is fit for sale and export as a raw material for furniture and other woodworks.

In treating the Ash lumber just like any ordinary wood, we clean it without water. Normally it is sufficient to clean the surface with lint-free cotton or microfibre cloth. As a rule, furniture and objects made of ash are already polished or oiled during manufacture. However, subsequent ash wood treatment in the home is also possible.

Why buy ash wood lumber for furniture from us?

Buy Ash lumber For Furniture from our online store for the accomplishments of your projects. We Sell Woods of Different Types including Walnut lumber, Douglas fir, Beech lumber, and Basswood.

Being a robust type of softwood, ash wood can be finished in a variety of ways. These include wax, varnish, and oil different precautions are required for each finish. We remain amongst the top ash wood lumber suppliers in the world.


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