Walnut lumber

Walnut is the premier choice of woodworkers around the world, thanks to its exceptional dark lustre and rich, smooth grain. We carefully steam our Walnut to soften the contrast between Walnut’s natural dark heartwood and bright white sapwood. A spectacular Specie in every respect, Walnut truly sets the standard for high-end design.

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We are classified among the top suppliers of walnut lumber hardwood which is a perfect choice for your building, carpentry, furniture, and other woodworks. Ever wondered where to get top-notch timber exporters or importers? Then you got a perfect match. Our company is reliable and experienced enough in all types of walnut wood. Our walnut lumber has the best quality benefits and characteristics in the market. We ensure the best treatment of walnut wood for export. The benefits of using walnut wood are good enough for any woodworker to take advantage of.

Black walnut lumber is dark, hard, dense, and fine-grained wood. It is highly valued by woodworkers for its strength, grain, and color. Polished to a very smooth finish, it comes in a variety of colors, from creamy white sapwood to dark chocolate heartwood.

As the only dark brown domestic timber, there are big fans of enthusiastic woodworkers and luxury furniture lovers. Walnuts are also found in luxury cabinets, natural hardwood floors, kitchen utensils, gun stock, and more. Buy hardwood today from top Walnut lumber suppliers.

Characteristics of walnut lumber

As a top producer and supplier of walnut lumber hardwood, we follow all procedures necessary to ensure our timber possesses top-quality characteristics. Such features are displayed below;

  • Stable and hard
  • Easy to work with for turning and carving
  • Strong and durable, yet not heavy
  • Exhibits good bending qualities
  • Dense with good shock resistance
  • Nails and glues well
  • Resistant to decay
  • Finishes well
  • Unique grain characteristics make it popular
  • A fine, fairly straight grain
  • Displays unique colors

Walnut Lumber Suppliers of best grain pattern

Walnuts have a fine grain pattern, a slightly rough texture, and may show knots and irregularities such as waves and curls. “Step grains” occur naturally on wood forks and cause wood fibers to wrinkle. Each year, new annual rings try to fit in the remaining space, and creases continue to form where the wood is compressed. The walnut grain hump looks like a tight swirl. Walnuts are unique in their wood grain pattern between the unique oak and the uniform texture of maple.

Types of walnut wood

There are many types of walnut trees, but only a handful of walnuts are native to North America. Among them, Eastern Black Walnut, also known as American Black Walnut is commonly used in woodworking.

The various types of walnuts are:

Black Walnut: Often referred to simply as “walnut” is made from wood found throughout the eastern United States. This wood has excellent dimensional stability and hardness.

English walnut: Sometimes called European walnut, English walnut is similar to its American cousins ​​in color and workability. Its color is a little pale and looks like milk chocolate. It is a little harder than American walnut with 1,220lbf. Interestingly, English walnut produces the most common forms of edible walnuts. Walnut lumber suppliers.

Claro Walnut: Cultivated in California and Oregon, Claro Walnut is used as a rootstock in walnut orchards. Trees grown in these orchards can result in irregular particle patterns, sometimes finished with English walnut twigs. This creates a bright and colorful striped pattern called marbling near the graft.

Butternut: It is an unpopular member of the walnut family. Butternuts are a beautiful tree, sometimes called white walnuts or poor walnuts. The heartwood is a beautiful golden color that craftsmen enjoy working with manually. Though it is soft, it has a hardness of 490lbf and can only be used for lightweight projects

Benefits of using walnut wood

The lumber has a unique grain and its appearance is characterized by wavy particles. Walnuts have a straighter grain.  Walnuts are dark in color with shades ranging from light brown to dark brown. It is considered premium lumber and is more expensive than other hardwoods. The exist numerous benefits of using walnut wood from us for your woodwork. We are going to mention the major benefits involved below. We are the best Walnut lumber suppliers.

Availability: Walnuts can be found at all times at our online store both at retail and wholesale prices.

Colors: Their deep, chocolate-like browns, bright purples, and subtle greens and gold are beautiful. Looking at the depth of the beautiful walnut color, you can see why people love this material.

Workability: If you enjoy woodworking with hand tools, walnuts are a delight. It slides nicely and allows the cutting edge. It’s also generally easy to edit.

Finishing: Applying the first layer of finishing to any project always looks magical, but oiling walnut wood is an exciting sight every time.

Care and treatment of walnut wood and furniture for export

Caring for furniture is highly dependent on the type of wood used to seal the wood. All parts benefit from regular dusting, but generally, avoid commercial cleaning products.  Such products can leave residue on painted parts and damage the finish of waxes and oils. Usually, oil-finished pieces generally perform best when applied with Danish natural flaxseed oil at least once a year, but should be used more often in warmer climates. We carry out the most appropriate treatment of our walnut wood for export. Quality control is done for every export and import to ensure it is in a perfect state. We also sell to customers a user guide to help them manage the wood better for varied uses. Walnut lumber suppliers just for your woodwork. Hire our services today.

Why buy from top Walnut lumber suppliers?

For those who want to buy genuine furniture products, we are a Supplier of Walnut Lumber Hard Wood for Woodworkers.  We also deal in plank wholesale produced by skilled artisans and backed by a lifetime warranty of quality.

In addition, our wood products like wood pellets and  wood shavings are usually produced in a customizable way. They respect sustainable harvests, eco-friendly manufacturing, and ethical practices such as American craftsmanship.


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