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With the increasing demand for carpentry and furniture work, wood has become a very essential component for all kinds of industrial works and home furniture. For this reason, we decided to step up our involvement in timber exploitation and exportation a bit to close the gap between wood producers and those involved in wood works such as carpenters and furniture makers. With over 12 years of operating in this business, we clearly understand every aspect involved in the exploitation, exportation, and importation of woods of different types for most countries around the world. Our company has a well-equipped staff with the ability to handle wood import and export of any given magnitude. You need to contact our customer service department for further inquiries and we shall happily guide you until you attain your set objective(s)

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rock mountain douglas fir wood for sale

Our research and quality control team knows how to get the job well done. We are experts in wood science, wood engineering, and wood fabrication with a broad knowledge of the different types of lumber and their applications. These experts are there to ensure you get the right wood for the right purpose. All timbers we export are treated accordingly where necessary. You can check out our list of available timber for exportation. In case your choice is not there don’t go away, get in touch and we shall still help find what you need.

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Our excellent team has taken out time to clearly explain the the different types of timbers availble for sale at the moment. We encourage each and every customer to take out time to read through specificity of every product before making an order. We have taken out time to outline the different uses of timbers and to mention suitable wood for diferent purposes. You have to understand the type of timber suitable for carpentry, furniture, carving, buildings and every other type of woodwork in order to by correctly. We can check out our blog page for regular updates on essential information characterizing wood, import, export, treatment and many others.