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Spruce lumber is one of the largest coniferous species of the Pinaceae family, genus Piesa.  It is distributed in the temperate and northern hemispheres of the Northern Hemisphere. These trees are recognizable by the four-sided needles and cones that hang down after pollination.

Spruce is one of the most important tree species in Germany. Almost one-third of Germany’s forest area is covered by it, they grow relatively fast, and their wood yields are high. As a result, spruce trees are used in large quantities in the industrial production and construction of wood-based materials due to their excellent technical properties similar to fir.

This tree can reach heights of 30m to 50m. Individual trees can live up to 600 years but are usually cut down after 100-120 years.

Characteristics of spruce lumber

Spruce grows wild throughout Europe except at the western and southern ends. The tree has the best growth in lowlands and mountainous areas. It is one of the northernmost hemisphere trees, along with pine and birch trees.

Spruce is light and soft, but relatively lightweight, so it is strong and elastic. It does not shrink easily and is stable even when dried. Its low natural durability can be compensated for by applying protective paint.

Types of spruce lumber

The most popular types of spruce lumber are;

Sitka spruce: Aboriginal of the Pacific Northwest, Sitka spruce loves mild weather and heavy rains. It is the third tallest growing tree in the world, and one specimen even had the distinction of the tallest tree in the United States. It was one of the most important trees for the lumber industry that helped map the Pacific Northwest. To date, it has been used for wood and crafts, especially items that need to be light and strong.

Blue spruce: is one of the most visually striking spruce species you can plant on your property. Famous for its blue needles, this species of tree was widely cultivated throughout North America. In the wild, it can grow up to 70 feet, but when planted in the garden it usually reaches about 50 feet.

Blue spruce varieties are very popular in both parks and gardens. Gardeners love this spruce because of its color and strong conical shape. It is also commonly used as a windbreak in dry climates, is highly resistant to cold climates, and is the mainstay of areas with very harsh winters.

Norway spruce: As the name implies, this spruce is not a native spruce species in the Pacific Northwest, but rather strives in the northern part of the United States. Norway spruce is one of the most popular spruces in the world. In addition to being used for logging, this spruce is widely used in gardens and parks.

White spruce: comes from the northern forests of North America. Originally from Alaska, it now extends to the northern United States. If you want to add a certain level of elegance to your property, the weeping white spruce may be a tree for you.

Engelmann spruce: it extends to both the Cascade Range and the Rocky Mountains. Like other spruce species, Engelmann spruce is used for timber, paper, and musical instrument. Native American tribes also used their bark and roots to make baskets and canoes.

kiln dried spruce lumber for sale

Uses of spruce lumber

Spruce wood is mainly used for construction since its rigidity and straight gear ratio are good.

It is readily available and relatively inexpensive compared to many other types of conifers and hardwoods. It is easy to operate and bend and can be molded into the desired shape and texture.

Spruce is widely used in the manufacture of musical instruments and their parts. It is ideal for violin tops, guitar tops, and piano soundboards, and its unique sound structure set it apart from other forest trees.

Spruce wood is commonly used for paper-making. Cellulose long fibers are the most important parameter in producing high-quality paper.

In addition, spruce wood is used to manufacture high-quality boxes and crates. It is lightweight, easy to carry and handle, it can store heavy items.

Finally, spruce wood is a strong and very durable material for boats and planes. After processing, the wood is easy to process and does not rot easily making it ideal for watercraft.

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